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Bernalillo NM Real Estate Has a Fascinating History

Bernalillo is a small town located on the east side of the Rio Grande River in the northeast region of the Albuquerque Plain. A quaint, historical town, Bernalillo has been home to local residents since at least before 1620, when wine grapes were introduced into the region. One might not think of New Mexico as wine country, but after years of learning how to grow high quality vineyards in the dry New Mexico climate, New Mexico has proven ideal for some varietals and their sunshine enhanced sugar content.  Bernalillo is one of the centers of a long-standing tradition of fine New Mexico wines to this day.

Even with the winery industry, Bernalillo has remained a family town with many residents enjoying a safe place for their children to grow up and know their neighbors. Local pride is strong and residents tend to be involved in local schools and activities. Being the site of many historical buildings, especially those of Mission architecture, Bernalillo also has a large attraction for archaeological research due to the ancient First Nations cultures that lived here eons ago. People in this proud area take the time to look after veterans, participate in school board and county council meetings, and are active in both governmental and cultural affairs.

When Looking For Small Town Atmosphere, Look at Bernalillo Homes for Sale

Bernalillo is a wonderful place to look for a starter home, or a place to raise your family. Independent seniors also find the atmosphere wonderful, as neighbors tend to know who lives next door and make sure they are well, something missing in so many larger places these days. Local residents take protecting local agriculture and cultural farming seriously, with watch groups and country government programs in place to promote traditional agriculture, small truck farms, and growing traditional crops. Art and culture is also important, and Bernalillo has an active program to place art in public locations and programs to promote local arts and crafts. Cultural assets are important, and there is an ongoing mapping project to document them supported by country government. Bernalillo is a well rounded small town that values each and every citizen and works hard to both represent them and provide the services they might need, including senior care, parks and recreation facilities for wellness, and events like the Bosque Chili Festival that celebrates all things chili native to this part of New Mexico. As a regional resident, let me give you a tip to have some local chili enhanced cuisine when you are in the area looking for a new home. Flavorful and not too hot, it is reason alone to consider settling in Bernalillo.

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Located on the bank of the Rio Grande, Bernalillo enjoys more cottonwoods than some parts of the Albuquerque plain. This alone makes Bernalillo real estate sought after by homebuyers looking for a clean, quiet small town environment. Homes for sale in Bernalillo NM cover a wide range of architectural styles, many at starter or mid-point price ranges. There are also traditional haciendas, homes with southwestern flair, and quaint landscaping that reflects New Mexico and the American Southwest through much of the town.
I have been fortunate to have handled many real estate transactions over the years for both properties being sold and homes and businesses being purchased in Bernalillo and the outreaching areas. Having been a top agent in the region for 16 years, I know that Bernalillo properties do not last long on the market due to the small town atmosphere that is both close to all the amenities of the city and keeping good property values. If you are thinking of looking for a home on the north side of Albuquerque, or want a place to raise a family in an old-style community atmosphere, look no further than homes for sale Bernalillo NM.
My name is Leanna Chavez, and I was born and raised in the beautiful Albuquerque area. I would be happy to find the ideal home for you in the historical town of Bernalillo. I am available at 505-559-4690, or you can send in the handy contact form on this site. I will contact you, get some basic information about your home search or desire to sell in the Bernalillo area, and set up a time to visit with you. Whether you need a qualified, top realtor to sell your desirable Bernalillo property, or are looking to relocate to a piece of true New Mexico, contact me for expert advice and help with your real estate needs.