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If you are looking for a haven close to town that has retained a small town vibe close to the land, look no further than Corrales. A beautiful small town on the banks of the Rio Grande, Corrales has been occupied since 500 A.D. when the First Nation Tigeux built two pueblos along the river. Remains of these ancient structures can be seen today, as well as many remnants of old buildings lost to the river during floods, ribbon length stretches of land and irrigation-water rights access parcels traditional hundreds of years ago under Spanish occupation, and old missions that anchored the community. Corrales was an agricultural center for hundreds of years as the floodplain is some of the most fertile farmland in all of New Mexico.
A truly small agrarian town, Corrales provided squash, beans, and corn, as well as wild game for the First Nations. By the time the Spanish arrived in 1540 the pueblos were long abandoned, and the Spanish settlement included a mission, as well as introducing cattle, sheep, wheat, and additional vegetable crops. (This is why in New Mexico flour tortillas are the staple rather than those made of corn.) Livestock were grazed communally, and the traditional division of land in long narrow strips that reached east or west to the cejas or high points were often 17-18 miles long, but allowed each landholder a share of the rich bottomland and access to the river. There are still visible indications of those property boundaries, fence lines, and building compound locations. Buildings were in groups, set back from the river, closer to the foothills where irrigation could not reach, because the rich farmland was too valuable for producing food. The community shared meat, produce, grain, and shared labor to get crops in, especially after grapes were planted in the fertile floodplain and needed harvest. Corrales was never a wealthy area, but one where neighbors helped each other, and even during the Great Depression, everyone in the community had plenty to eat as everyone raised food, put up canned goods, and shared meat.

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If You Are Looking for Tradition, Look at Homes For Sale in Corrales NM

Many historical homes in Corrales were made of terrones, sod and mud bricks cut wet from the riverbanks and stacked. The walls were massive in order to support the weighty roof structures made of sod and dirt. Since wood for building was scarce, room sizes and configurations were determined by the size of the lumber brought from the mountains. While most of the terrones homes were destroyed during the various severe floods of the Rio Grande, several that destroyed much of the town, the traditional thick base wall structure can be seen in many buildings around town, including the 1868 built Church of San Ysidro, now on the National Historical Register. Corrales is proud of its long history and traditional feeling, and protects the Rio Grande Bosque (natural riparian area along the river), its acequias (community irrigation canal) and other features of its hundreds of years old history. When looking for property in Corrales please know there is no municipal water or sewer, as each property is required to supply its own well and septic system.
The Village of Corrales chartered in 1971 to protect its agriculture and properties from development surrounding it, especially Rio Rancho, built on a portion of the 55,000 acres purchased by the first white settlers in the area, the Thompsons. Like the Thompsons, many families in Corrales are descendants of those who settled the rural farming town 150 or more years ago and you will find many of the original settlers names still prominent in the community. Corrales real estate does come up for sale, and if you are looking for a life in an area with natural wildlife, plentiful birds, and giant cottonwoods, Corrales NM homes for sale might be a great option for you to view.

Homes For Sale Corrales NM Can Complete Your Rural Lifestyle Dreams

Homes For Sale Corrales NM Can Complete Your Rural Lifestyle Dreams Corrales is now an oasis for more traditional New Mexico life, much of it surrounded by greater Albuquerque. You will still see many orchards, once again thriving vineyards, alfalfa, corn, chilies, melons, cabbage and pumpkins being grown in the fertile soil. Many of the families in Corrales still participate in the State Fair, and one local resident earned over 600 ribbons for her produce, baked goods, and crafts over the years. Many people wanting a more traditional lifestyle true to old New Mexico values look for homes on this side of the river, now easily accessible since a bridge was finally installed over the Rio in 1955. Corrales has worked hard to maintain its semi-rural agricultural structure and heavily wooded riparian areas, and is active with the Open Space programs.
Because of the natural setting, property is more expensive in Corrales than many other parts of Albuquerque. While few people still farm for a living, many keep the tradition going, and locals enjoy an abundance of historical apple orchards, fine wine, and other produce from the area. If you are seeking a residence in one of the finest, old world ambiance areas of Albuquerque, look no further than the tree-shaded streets of Corrales.

A Corrales Homes for Sale Expert Can Handle Yours Whether Buying or Selling

For many people wanting the beauty of the Bosque and a slice of traditional New Mexico life, houses for sale in Corrales NM are the first place they look. There is a wide variety of types of homes in the area, but more single-family residences in traditional southwestern architecture than nearly anywhere else in the city. Many properties are heavily treed, some with old orchards on the property. As some of the choicest property in the area, any investment in real estate Corrales NM centered is a good one and has potential for continued strong value increase.
My name is Leanna Chavez, and I was fortunate to be born and raised in the Albuquerque area. My family roots go back many years, and I have been proud to be a leading real estate agent in the region for 16 years. I would be pleased to speak with you about your interest in the beautiful community of Corrales. Houses for sale Corrales NM are choice property, and if you want to list your property, I would be honored to help you with the sale of such a historical parcel. If you want to visit about what homes might meet your wish list, call me at 505-559-4690, and I can get some details and create a viewing roster to show you exactly what you are seeking. I look forward to working with you as your realtor, and my goal is to provide top line client services, good prices, and smooth transactions for all your real estate needs.