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Finding the Perfect Property Among Albuquerque Houses for Sale

Coming to Albuquerque and looking for the perfect relocation spot can be overwhelming. The market is booming and there are many choices on the market. You probably are running into exterior finishes you know nothing about (like stucco), roof lines that don’t make sense where you are from (pueblo flat roof styles), and things like riparian and water rights or drainage you have never had to deal with when buying property. Even the landscaping plants look alien or like something out of a John Wayne movie. Welcome to the American southwest, and Albuquerque, one of the oldest continuously occupied places in the country.
Albuquerque is growing, and for good reason. Listed as one of the top places for baby boomers to retire, Albuquerque enjoys beautiful, temperate weather, four seasons, fertile river valley soil that produces fantastic orchards and produce, and an old, established fine wine vineyard culture. Some areas of Albuquerque are seeing home values increase by double digits, and rental prices are increasing as well. If you are planning on looking for a new residence in Albuquerque, or are interested in investment property, now is a great time to let me help you find the perfect location.
Hi, my name is Leanna Chavez and I am an Albuquerque local, born and raised. I have lived here my whole life, and I am proud to call New Mexico my home. One of the most important things I can do for you as your realtor is help you sort through the many variables that might be slightly different than you are used to when hunting for a new home. You might be looking to change from an apartment to a house in the area, retiring here, or moving a business to our growing metropolis. I have been a real estate professional for many years in the Albuquerque Plateau and I can help you match your wants and needs in a property to those available, and will be happy to share what I know about the history and culture of our diverse, beautiful region.

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There is a great deal of diversity among our people and the property in the Albuquerque area. A mix of First Nations, historical Spanish speaking peoples, and many different European, Asian, Pacific Islander and African backgrounds make up the colorful mix of our city. We are proud to be the home of more ancient pueblos than nearly anywhere in the country, and you never know where you will happen upon archaeological research going on in the area. Because we have a temperate climate that is dry, but with four distance seasons, you may happen upon construction and décor styles that are different than from where you are moving. Stucco, in particular, is used in our area as a durable, tough exterior that does not fade and literally creates a stone facing on homes. Stucco is unique in that it breathes, insulates, and literally gets harder over the years as it turns back to stone. A quality stucco exterior requires little maintenance, but if well cared for can easily last 50 or more years.
I will be happy to show you the different styles of housing, properties with acreage or green space, traditional desert landscaped gardens, or a modern loft, depending entirely on what you are looking to find. Our town has many options for recreation, and even choices of methods you can use to get to work, whether by foot, bike, bus, or car. Whether you want to be in a modern community with central shared space, or seek solitude and star filled skies, you are guaranteed to have glorious mountain sunset vistas and balloon watching from most any location in the Albuquerque area. Let my years of experience help you match properties to what might please you, or surprise you as something you did not consider but might be just the ticket. My task as your professional realtor is to save you legwork, time, and frustration while helping negotiate the best price for just the right home.

I Can Make Finding Great Choices Among Houses for Sale in Albuquerque Easy

Searching for houses for sale Albuquerque and in outlying areas is much easier with someone who knows the entire area. I do, and I am happy to take whatever time is needed to help you locate the luxurious estate property, first time home, or trendy townhouse that is a perfect match for you. Call me at 505-559-4690 or send in the online form, and I will contact you. Let me save you time and the challenges involved with locating a new residence in the right school district, close to the golf course, or nestled in the foothills where you can watch the wild mustangs and shooting stars. If you are out of the region and need to travel in to view potential homes, I can arrange to meet you at ABQ – Albuquerque International Airport and have arrangements made for several showings on the same day of ABQ homes for sale.
My name is Leanna Chavez, and I want to show you my Albuquerque and make finding the right home a pleasure. Call me and let’s get started.