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Now is a Smart Time to Buy Investment Apartments for Sale in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is growing, and rents are going up. There probably has never been a better time to invest in real estate in the area, as there are a wide variety of property types available in all price ranges and configurations. As a long time top ranked real estate agent in the Albuquerque region and a native of the city, I know the ins and outs and what to look for, if it is a good buy, and how quickly you many get a return on your investment when you look for apartments for sale, Albuquerque. My name is Leanna Chavez and you can reach me at 505-559-4690. I would love to talk with you about your real estate investment plans in our beautiful city.
Albuquerque is growing, and seeing more and more retirees, new business owners, and others move to the region. Many of those new residents choose to rent so they can become acquainted with the area and acclimate to our temperate weather and dry climate while they hunt for the perfect home. If you are looking at apartment buildings for sale, Albuquerque investors, it is a great time to secure a property while there is still inventory. Multi-family housing units are going fast, and the inventory will not be around for much longer. I know where the properties are located, how to negotiate on your behalf for the best price, and what inspections are needed to apply for financing. Whether you are looking at one or more fourplex for sale Albuquerque easily accessible and fast to rent, or an apartment building near one of our colleges guaranteed to fill, call me and I can find you the ideal property.

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A Realtor Who Knows Albuquerque Apartments for Sale Improves Buying Power

No matter what city you are planning on looking for investment property, having someone in the know helps a great deal to be able to find good buys. Good investments tend to be quietly offered to the “regulars” first, or the property does not even get listed on the open market before changing hands. This is where having a strong realtor well known in the region is a benefit, because it gives you boots on the ground to listen and investigate when strong investment opportunities come up for sale. With rental prices steadily increasing in the Albuquerque area, truly good buys are becoming scarce. Some of the properties that have languished on the market have many repairs as regular maintenance was not completed in years past, or there are code compliance issues that must be handled. Knowing how long property has been sitting helps with negotiations as well as provides a heads-up, all  information I can provide when I handle your investment real estate searches and purchases. 

Another advantage of being someone who has lived here and is a respected member of the local real estate scene means I know about alternatives to what you think you are focused on finding, such as a 4 plex for sale Albuquerque located versus a full size apartment building. Lower investment means a faster return in most cases on investment real estate, and they also tend to be easier on which to obtain commercial financing. Call me at 505-559-4690 and let me use my knowledge and skills to your investment advantage.

Looking for an Investment Duplex for Sale, Albuquerque?

Some families need to invest for a different reason than pure additional income or assets. They may have an adult child needing their own place, or an aging parent that needs to be close by but still wants some independence in their living arrangements. That is when a duplex might be a good two-family investment option, or even better, ask about homes with a guest house for sale in Albuquerque. A guesthouse can act as a mother-in-law unit, a rental property if your zoning allows, or a place for out-of-town company that tends to migrate south for warmer weather during the winter.  There are many guesthouse properties around the greater Albuquerque area, and I would be happy to locate them and arrange a viewing for you to walk the property. 

My name is Leanna Chavez, and I know Albuquerque real estate. Let me help you find a good investment property that matches both your portfolio choices and investment needs. I work with many out-of-town investors, as well as local property speculators, and have systems in place to keep you up to date on what is available, what might affect the property values in that particular area, and what financing may be available for the parcel. My expertise as a top agent in the region is to your advantage as I use my network of solid, reliable property contacts to ferret out good buys and great opportunities before they are gone.