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Multi-family property can meet many different needs for both a home seeker and the property investor. Some properties in the Albuquerque area have individual units that are available to purchase, such as luxury apartments and lofts. This is often a good first purchase option for new homebuyers, new property investors, or singles looking for a luxury loft to call their own. Hunting a duplex for sale Albuquerque area can be challenging due to the large variations between parts of town, the quality of life in the surrounding area, school zone options, and the age of the property and neighborhood. Making sure your duplex is a solid investment and passes inspection is very important when I help a purchaser locate a duplex, triplex or other configuration because of shared walls, common space, and construction in such buildings. I am happy to help you calculate potential returns on investment if you are looking at a fourplex for sale Albuquerque, and can help put you in touch with financing institutions that work with multi-family housing loans. 

One important consideration when looking at multi-family investments in our area, whether you are just buying into the location with your own unit purchase, or outright purchasing the entire property, is the condition and whether the property has had all the appropriate permits pulled and building codes in previous remodels. Part of the due diligence I do for any property buyer is to check the legal descriptions and filings for a parcel to make sure you do not get surprised after the fact with things like remodeling that was not done correctly or will not pass inspection for rental property regulations.

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Great Investment Opportunities in Apartments for Sale In Albuquerque NM

Albuquerque is a terrific location to look for multi-family housing properties as investments at this time, because rent rates are going up. Whether you purchase a unit to completely lease out, or plan to live in one unit and rent out the other side of the duplex, both provide financial advantages for building equity. There are a lot of potential renters looking for duplex, triplex, or apartment options. The market is increasing for potential renters as more retirees and businesses that need employees move to the area. Many different properties in varying locations and configurations can still be had for a good price. Values are increasing, though, as investors look for good buys and properties with the amenities or price points their potential renters are looking for in a place to live, so if you are interested, you need to move quickly to have good selection with good value.
My name is Leanna Chavez, and I am a lifelong native of Albuquerque. I am proud to be one of the top real estate agents in the region. I pride myself in locating investment parcels for property buyers, and know that finding the right 4-plex for sale Albuquerque based is getting more challenging. My many years as a real estate professional can act as your eyes and ears to find the rental properties that meet your criteria. I know how to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price and best terms possible for the investment. When you want an experienced professional on your team that knows Albuquerque and knows multi-family housing particulars, call me at 505-559-4690. I will find you a great property at the best price and handle the details of arranging the transaction for you. I also have years of experience selling these types of properties, whether a simple duplex or a massive mixed type-housing complex. Call, or send in the contact form, and let’s talk. I know Albuquerque real estate and I am passionate about helping you with your local real estate needs.