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One of the oldest continually inhabited areas of the Albuquerque-Rio Grande Bosque is North Valley. An area that was once completely agricultural that has undergone many redevelopment phases over the years, North Valley has evidence of as many as 11 different pueblo sites along the fertile and lush land bordering the river. The First Nation people raised beans, corn, squash and cotton, and later Spanish settlement starting in 1709 brought cattle, grapes, wheat, and fruit trees. The area was once the site of three large dairies, and later, the Indian School and demonstration farm. North Valley after WW2 was one of the first areas to see subdivision for single-family homes to accommodate workers needed for various plants and military facilities in the area. As transportation emphasis transitioned from railway systems that hauled agricultural products, timber, and mining materials to the current interstate system, local businesses changed to meet the increased need of tourism support. At times more industrial than residential, the area has been revitalized, roads moved, and drainage channels changed many times over to grow and provide what was needed to bring this part of Albuquerque back to life.

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Residents in the North Valley area are passionate about being involved with the development plans of the three towns that are all affected, those being North Valley, Corrales, and Rio Rancho. Many residents own businesses or work in the area of North Valley, and real estate Albuquerque North Valley continues to increase in value. Average home prices are above the average than in greater Albuquerque, even compared to across the river Los Ranchos de Albuquerque real estate. There are also more townhomes, condos, and loft apartments in this area to serve the needs of younger professionals and busy business owners, many with a more modern vibe that might be referred to as Nuevo Southwest or Modern Hacienda. The sizeable Rio Grande State Park is central to the Tri-City area, covering 3,400 acres, with open space, hiking and biking trails, picnic facilities, and other amenities. Many areas of North Valley still support vineyards, museums share local history, and treed, quiet streets support many bed and breakfasts, boutiques, and local arts and crafts festivals. Many parts of the North Valley provide insight into the pueblos and native people who lived on this land for thousands of years before European settlers arrived, or trace old Downtown or Historic Route 66 that used to come right down our main thoroughfare

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Residential areas in North Valley have a wide range of price points and types of property available. Single-family homes may be southwestern desert ranch, more modern styling, or traditional hacienda. There is still acreage to be had with a home in this area, a throwback to the agricultural roots that go deep in this part of Albuquerque. If you are seeking horse property that is close to town, homes for sale Albuquerque North Valley located would be a great place to start shopping.
North Valley property has continued to increase in value due to the growth experienced in the region, and more businesses are locating to the area. If you are thinking of placing your casita or ranch home on the market, give me a call. My name is Leanna Chavez and I was born and raised in Albuquerque. For many years I have been one of the top selling real estate agents in the region. My passion is making certain my client, whether buying or selling, gets a good price, with an easy closing. I am passionate about finding qualified home shoppers to show your property to, and I make certain that the properties I am going to show you match as close as possible to your list of wants and needs. I know the neighborhoods, which schools have what programs, and how close you are to walking paths and bike trials. Call me at 505-559-4690 and let’s set up a time for me to see your property and give you my professional best idea the best way to list and sell your parcel quickly for a good price.

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Albuquerque North Valley homes for sale do not stay on the market long. They are a good investment as there are just so many parcels in this fertile, green area of the city, and people know that being in North Valley, Corrales, or Rio Rancho is about as close to country as you can get within city limits. When you are looking to sell your property in North Valley or looking for homes for sale in Rio Rancho de Albuquerque, North Valley, or Corrales, call me or send in the online form and I will get right back to you. My years as a top realtor in the Albuquerque Basin can make finding your next home, or selling the one you currently own, easy.