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Having an Open House, Albuquerque, Is A Great Way to Sell It

One of the top ways to sell a home in the Albuquerque area is an open house. While this event is most often open to the public, it also can be arranged by invitation for select home shoppers. Invitational open houses are appropriate if it is difficult for the party selling the home to be available to answer questions, if it is a mansion, estate, ranch or farm, historical, or unique custom home, or if there is expensive staging and professional cleaning that needs done prior to an open house. An invitation-type open house also works well if there is significant interest in a property and the seller wants viewing to be restricted to potential buyers who have the means to purchase or are entering bids on a property, such as when offers are exceeding listing price due to the desirability of the home or location. Albuquerque open houses are usually well attended and attract a lot of attention in the neighborhood, particularly if the residence has not changed hands in many years, or been recently remodeled. You never know when a neighbor might have coveted your house for years and never had the opportunity to buy it before now.
I can also arrange for an afternoon of open houses Albuquerque walk-throughs that meet your “looking for” list requirements. This is especially helpful for out of town buyers looking for property prior to moving. Call me and we can discuss your needs, and I can set up a group of open house viewings for you during one trip.

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A Professionally Arranged Open House Albuquerque NM Showcases Property

Professionally arranged open houses in Albuquerque have many advantages. As a real estate professional for many years in the area, I know what buyers are looking for, what features need to be featured in walk-through conversations, and what needs to be touched up and repaired prior to the open house. I have access to social media, blogs, and industry-wide posting sites that make sure anyone looking for a property similar to yours knows about the open house, the hours it will occur, and even directions to the property. I make certain that local events listings have your home prioritized on the “open houses Albuquerque today” pages and that “ABQ open houses” searches find the post for your property.
There are a few things to keep in mind during an open house. Make sure valuables are removed or locked and secure, such as jewelry, paperwork, and keys. Every room in the house needs to be organized, clean, and without clutter. This includes stacks of magazines, children’s projects, clothes and supplies of any kind. Children are generally suggested to enjoy the day spent with family or friends, as should pets. Make certain that walkways, halls, and entrances are safe and free of trip hazards, and if handrails or other devices are in the home that they are secure. As your realtor I will make certain there is a flyer available with specifics about the home, including a list of amenities, school district information, and other facts pertinent to the property.
The owner or trustee does not have to be present for an open house. That is something we can discuss, and decide as we plan your showing. I will be present to answer questions, take down information, and discuss possible offers if presented, as well as schedule follow-ups with seriously interested parties. My name is Leanna Chavez, and I would love to be your realtor planning an open house for your special property. I have specialized in upscale property open houses Albuquerque NM for years. Sellers know my open houses get contracts written and sales closed. Call me at 505-559-4690 and let’s get started selling your upscale home.