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Albuquerque truly is a beautiful town with unique architecture thanks to the many different cultural influences in the area. There is an architectural style for just about everyone house hunting, whether you love traditional adobe, modern contemporary, ultra eco-green, or a true high desert ranch home. We even have some older traditional “painted ladies”, as Albuquerque has been an important crossroads for hundThe #1 Agent for Houses for Sale in Albuquerque You Will Want to Seereds of years. Whatever the kind of home you have your heart set on, there are houses for sale Albuquerque NM and area that will meet your ideal.
My name is Leanna Chavez, and I have been a top real estate professional in the greater Albuquerque area for 16 years. Born in our unique community, I know the areas, neighborhoods, construction types, and details that are important to assist with your search. It is truly helpful to have a local professional during a property search and transaction in our area, as we have some elements such as exterior stucco and cooling towers instead of central air that are often foreign to those coming new to New Mexico. I am happy to explain the differences, and provide professional references for any inspection you might want conducted at your proposed property. My life-long community involvement means I have a wide network of experts who know the climate and conditions, as well as building materials and construction types that go into local buildings. Let me help you with expert knowledge and advice to make house hunting a pleasure as you look for the new perfect home in our town.

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Albuquerque has an active real estate market, and it is getting a lot busier with baby boomers moving to retire and new and expanded industry and business creating work and attracting employees. While Albuquerque has a wide variety of different price points for single family homes listed across many different parts of the greater area at any given time, not every home will be what you are hunting as a possible new residence. My years as a realtor gives me an edge in narrowing down the search for you, saving you time and often money, let alone the tiring job of seeing houses that are not what you want to buy. 

As a professional real estate agent, I know the particulars of what to check ranging from home condition issues and what school district the home is within, to how much the utilities run at a particular residence. I work hard to get you access to solid financing options that can help make your new home a reality.  If you want hard working, honest help finding the best match to a single-family home for your family, call me at 505-559-4690. We can set up a time to visit about your needs, and I can prepare a list of potential single-family homes that I think might be worth looking based on the answers you provide to some basic questions. Your single-family home purchase is important, because you will be a neighbor, and neighbors are like family in Albuquerque. 

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One of my passions is making certain that the right house goes to the right person. I am also very passionate when you list with me about making sure that you get the best price possible with the easiest and fastest closing available for your property. An experienced realtor, I know what it takes to get a property noticed and sold, including how to show your property to its best advantage, and what details need taken care of to make both the seller and buyer’s lives easier during the transaction.
When you have a house for sale, Albuquerque, let me handle it for you. You will get top dollar, a clean, easy sales transaction, and have an energetic representative who actively seeks buyers for your home and does not just sit around waiting for a home shopper to come into the office or send in an inquiry off an internet listing site. I want to help you get your single family home sold, at a good price and closed as easily as possible. Call me at 505-559-4690 and let’s set up a time for me to meet with you about what is involved in putting your home under contract. You can also reach out to me through the online form and I will contact you right away. Whether buying or selling an Albuquerque area home, I am the go-to realtor who works for you.