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Located just a few miles east of Albuquerque is the small village of Tijeras. While small in population, Tijeras is a major point of interest and archaeological study in central New Mexico, thanks to the Tijeras Pueblo Archaeological Site. An ancient First Nations site, the pueblo was occupied for centuries until 1360, abandoned, rebuilt and again active until around 1425, and once again abandoned. Researchers do not know all the reasons the 200 plus homes and large kiva became silent, but drought and water shortages are suspect. A significant resource in the study of ancient culture and First Nation peoples, Tijeras Pueblo continues to provide clues and findings significant to the study of New Mexico history.
A small town, Tijeras is strategically located in Tijeras Canyon, a natural corridor historically utilized by both the Great Plains nomadic peoples and the Spanish cultures of the Rio Grande river valley to the south. Originally settled as part of the Carnuel Land Grant in 1763, the original settlers were offered New Mexico land grants in exchange for helping thwart the constant Kiowa, Plains Apache, and Comanche raiding parties. This land grant offer was one of the only opportunities to own property many of the disenfranchised poorer Spanish locals ever enjoyed, but the continued raids ending in the deaths of several settlers at the hands of Apache raiders led to abandonment of the acreages. By 1819 another settlement was attempted by some of the original pioneers, as well as additional mestizos from the region, and since a truce had been achieved with the Comanche, the small area was established once more. Continual residence of the historical genizaro families has had a significant role in the handling of water rights through current times for the region.

Tijeras NM Real Estate is an Investment in History and Rural Living

While the town of Tijeras is small, the surrounding area makes up for size with New Mexico beauty. Traversed by canyons, rolling hills, desert greenery and New Mexico mountains, many people find the quiet rural lifestyle extremely attractive. Many people discover the area while retracing old Route 66, as Tijeras is close to the “musical highway” section of the historical U.S. cross-country route. This section of roadway, known as “The Singing Road”, was modified many years ago with rumble strips to play “America the Beautiful” as one drives across the area, to the delight of children and adults alike.
Prices for real estate Tijeras NM centered are seeing increases. People seeking a bit cooler temperatures in the foothills in a more rural environment are sending Tijeras real estate prices up as they seek out homes for sale in the east mountains of New Mexico. There are still good values for starter homes, smaller retirement homes, and acreage to get away from it all in the area. Many find the increased foothill green space refreshing and commute into Albuquerque to work or their business. With many years of experience in Albuquerque area properties, I believe that Tijeras homes for sale will only continue to see increases in value, and will become increasingly challenging to purchase due to limited supply. If you are interested in having a local Albuquerque realtor watch for your ideal out of town location among homes for sale in Tijeras NM, call me at 505-559-4690 and let’s talk.

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Born and raised in Albuquerque, I am proud to be one of the top real estate agents in the region. I have a passion for finding just the right home, acreage, ranch, business or estate property you are looking for, whether among the houses for sale in Tijeras NM or anywhere in our beautiful high desert. I can list your property among the houses for sale, Tijeras NM, and assure you that it will be a fast sale with an easy transaction for the new owners. I am rooted in New Mexico and work hard to match sellers with buyers in exactly the property they are looking for, at a price that is fair. All the small things are what make the difference in real estate transactions, and having a top realtor with a heart for our historical towns and true New Mexico landscape makes finding the place of your dreams a reality. Call me, or send in the contact form, and we can set up a time to talk about what you are looking for, or what you wish to do regarding selling your property. I would be honored to help you find the ideal place, or help you sell yours.

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