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As an Albuquerque native, I know this area extremely well. I know the neighborhoods, when things were built, and how convenient Albuquerque townhomes for sale are to amenities, schools, and shopping. As a leading realtor in the greater Albuquerque area for the last 16 years, I pride myself in working for my client, whether they are selling or buying a townhome. A townhouse can be a great starter property, a good home for a growing family, or solid rental investment. I know how to locate the best potential properties in the area whether you require a garage, balcony, or want to relocate in a specific school zone. Call me at 505-559-4690 for help locating Albuquerque NM townhomes for sale you would like to view.
Getting you the best value when buying or selling is important, but so is matching up a townhouse to your list of needs and desires as much as possible. So is being able to show you quality units that you may not have realized would be a great option for your relocation. Making sure your new townhouse is well constructed, and there are no outstanding repairs from original construction are important factors. So is how the homeowner’s association functions and what the maintenance fees include, both things I check every time I show a townhome to potential buyers. Albuquerque townhouses come in a wide variety of price ranges and in nearly every neighborhood in the city. The townhouse for sale Albuquerque located being considering for purchase should be well built, have been maintained, and have no telltale signs of repairs needing further inspection or correction. These are all things that as your realtor I relate to you before you tender an offer.

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As your townhouse sales agent, one of my jobs is how to best represent your home to get you the best price in a reasonable time frame.  Important aspects to help sell your townhome are pictures and/or videos of the property that show it accurately and thoroughly. This gives potential buyers details to help them decide if your property is a good match for what they are seeking. It also helps save time when showing your home as it provides a good soft introduction to the property in advance. Buyers want to see the overall construction quality, the finishing work on the interior, and if materials were used both inside and out that will last. My expertise can put your property in the best possible light making buyers want to come see their new townhome, setting your property apart from other townhomes for sale in Albuquerque NM. 

Good, professional quality photographs of your for sale property are just one of the things I arrange when I act as your agent.  I know from years of experience what key features need promoted, along with potential benefits for location, amenities, landscaping, eco-friendly options, and other features and benefits that make your townhouse more desirable to a potential buyer. 

When you are looking to buy or tell a townhouse in Albuquerque or anywhere in the area, call me, Leanna Chavez, at 505-507-4898, or send in my contact form. A licensed realtor for 16 years in the greater Albuquerque area, I have a passion for helping townhome buyers find exactly the unit they dreamed about, and for helping sellers get top dollar and quick, efficient sales for their property.