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Welcome….and thank you for stopping by my website! I have been building relationships as an Albuquerque NM Real Estate Agent for over 15 years. I consider myself to be a passionate native with a long history as a top Realtor in Albuquerque NM. I truly love and appreciate the ability to help my clients achieve their Real Estate needs and goals, and I believe the process of buying or selling a home requires the need for an agent who is committed to excellent communication, local expertise, and an overall passion for the process…with a pure heart, I can say, I LOVE what I do and I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your potential business! I look forward to helping you with Real Estate in the Albuquerque greater area.

Albuquerque Real Estate is WORTH IT.

If you are in the market, you most likely have compared  Real Estate companies Albuquerque based, to big  online Real Estate websites, and you are most likely aware that Real Estate in the Southwest is gaining value and selling quickly. There are  great reasons for moving here.. sunshine and year round beautiful weather, reasonable cost of living, extremely diverse culture and phenomenal food here in the  “The Land of Enchantment.”

Albuquerque residential Real Estate is rising in value at double digits annually in some neighborhoods. Now is a great time to find a location and settle in before prices rise further.
Albuquerque is also being discovered by tech businesses, light manufacturing, and other niche industry. At the crossroads of major interstates, and readily available rail service, our centered location makes warehousing and transport easy and cost effective. A highly motivated, skilled labor force is ready and waiting in the area to fill new jobs, and local governments are eager to work with entrepreneurs to help find the right location, provide infrastructure and financial incentives, and provide assistance whenever possible. The new business and industry in the area is creating a need for apartments, townhomes, single family homes, and even upscale mansions and estates to meet the demand of employees transferring to the area and management seeking comfortable, convenient homes away from the plant or office. If you are thinking of selling to downsize, or moving yourself, call me. I have a ready list of clients from out of town who have me watching for the ideal home in our area and they are ready to relocate.

You Need a Realtor Albuquerque Trusts to Get Property Sold

The top realtors in Albuquerque know that is takes a lot of attention to detail, and some specialized knowledge often unique to our area, to make sure a real estate transaction goes smoothly. Due to the historical significance of this ancient pueblo laced area, as well as the ever present necessity of water and our river system, things like mineral and water rights, or historical preservation issues are not unusual points to have to deal with during a real estate transaction. As a top realtor Albuquerque NM centered, I know exactly what has to be looked into, accommodated, and accounted for in contracts and paperwork, and who to contact to get it taken care of easily and quickly. You will not have issues like clouded titles, incomplete or erred surveys, or undisclosed easements ever becoming an issue when I handle your real estate transaction.
Several kinds of property standing out on lists of “being looked for” in the region are new homes being built, whether custom or tract, and multiplex units ranging from duplexes to full apartment buildings. Baby boomers are retiring to the area in number, and many are looking for a new home to live in for some time to come. Many want one with low maintenance and that can be customized to accommodate aging in place. A new home can offer the best of both. They can customize what they wish, have easy access to recreation, and zero maintenance.
Rental rates are steadily increasing in the area, much in part to high demand from home buyers in transition or employees of the new businesses, factories, warehousing facilities, medical and educational institutions moving into the area, and increased students engaged with higher education. Real estate investors can still find good buys for single-family homes and rental potential multi-unit properties throughout the area, especially in Rio Rancho and some of the larger development complexes. I have a lot of experience working with motivated sellers that will work with a real estate investor, and can get the property sold and another one found to buy within the same transaction.

Working With The Top Albuquerque Real Estate Agents For Your House Hunting

Not all real estate agents Albuquerque NM based work together for the best outcome clients need, whether it is the best possible sale price and terms of contract, or finding just the right house that meets exactly what you want. Working together is especially important during open house events, something I know as an Albuquerque realtor are highly effective for certain types of properties, such as ranches, estates with horse acreage, or historical homes. Getting the information out about your open house allows all the realtors to contact clients for whom they are searching property that matches just such an upscale location, and for the property to be shown in optimum condition.
The opportunity to write a strong contract at a good selling price increases when those factors are used for the good of the property owner and all involved. Cooperation within the industry, as well as communication is essential between realtors, professionals handling particulars of a parcel, inspectors, governmental agencies, and most of all, the person who is buying or selling the property and their realtor. My passion, commitment to transparency, and strong communication skills guarantee you get top service, a good price, and an easy, smooth transaction on any property I handle.

Albuquerque NM Real Estate Agents Do Not Always Know the Neighborhoods

It might seem a little unusual, but not every Albuquerque NM realtor knows the entire Albuquerque area. Some specialize in certain types of homes or price points, and others in one of the four “quadrants” that are created by the city’s dissection by rivers and freeways. Albuquerque if anything is a collection of proud neighborhoods, some of them extremely old. Many have historically significant homes or ruins, or are in areas that have known habitation for nearly 2,000 years. We take our First Nation heritage seriously in the region, and are proud to support the culture, protect archaeological and historical sites, and celebrate our diversity.
One of the prominent features of Albuquerque is the Rio Grande and the wide floodplain along side this great body of water. The riverside soils are rich and have been a chosen agricultural location for centuries. Many areas still have evidence of vineyards, orchards, vegetable gardens, or have been made part of the Bosque green space, or are in the Open Space program affiliated with Rio Grande State Park. People in New Mexico tend to love the outdoors, and you will find many neighborhoods with bike paths, hiking trails, trailheads to the Sandia wilderness or other areas, quiet locations to read or contemplate along the river, and many locations specifically set up to enjoy the amazing sunsets we enjoy over the mountains.
As your realtor in Albuquerque NM, I can locate homes of any type, any price point, in any area you are interested in, from Metro proper to the foothills. I have handled many properties in Rio Rancho, Corrales, Placitas, Northeast Heights, Tijeras, and many areas out of the main city proper. There is a wide variety of types of property, including construction styles and landscaping, and I would be happy to work with you in your budget and according to your wants and needs. My years living in Albuquerque are helpful, as I can tell you about commute times, where there are cooler summer days, and where you really want to live for access to prime golf course tee-times. Call me at 505-559-4690 and let’s talk about the part of town you really like and think might be a great location for a home.

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Many Real Estate Agents Albuquerque Based Are Specialized – I Do It All

I pride myself as being one of the best realtors in Albuquerque NM, and my clients will agree. One of the reasons is I believe in helping every customer with the same friendly smile, professional knowledge, and great service, regardless of whether you are looking for a small studio starter apartment, or you have a sprawling ranch north of town you wish to discreetly sell. By experience I can tell you that not all realtors handle all types of customers and all areas and levels of property in this area. Some specialize in certain parts of town, some only in high-end properties, and some for only developers.
It is my belief that working in all parts of town with all types of clients on any property they might be interested in helps me keep an accurate finger on the economic pulse of the community, and be more rounded to advise you about particular things you are looking for, such as programs available in a school district. Communication and passion to help you get the best price for your property, or the best price when buying one, with an easy, complete transaction are the goals I set every day to help clients. I believe those values are rooted in how Albuquerque raised me, and that is why I am considered the best realtor in Albuquerque NM for any type of property you need to buy or sell.

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For a Top Producing Real Estate Agent Albuquerque NM, Call Leanna Chavez

When you want the best realtor Albuquerque has to handle your property sale or purchase, call me at 505-559-4690. My years of experience allows me to talk with you to establish a good, fair price for your home, and what might need done to increase salability, like an open house or simple repairs. I have an active list of clients looking for property in the Albuquerque area, and if you are looking to move from out of town, or for investment property, call me. I know that your time is valuable and real estate hunting can be tiring, both reasons I carefully study and realistically match customers with the right parcels to show them, and also qualify buyers before I show yours.
There is no area of the greater Albuquerque Basin in which I do not have real estate experience. I would love to sell your home for you if you are located anywhere in town or beyond. From Bernalillo and Placitas to Tijeras, South Valley, Rio Rancho, Corrales, or even closer to Santa Fe, I understand the unique features, landscape, construction methods, and all the things that make New Mexico so appealing. If you are a new, first time home buyers looking for a starter home, or a seasoned real estate investor, I will work to find exactly what you want and in your budget. I have many happy clients that will tell you their real estate transaction was the easiest one they ever had, with low controlled costs and at a really good price. Helping you take care of your real estate needs is my top priority, and I have a lifetime in the Albuquerque area to share with you about this wonderful place we call home.

I Want To Be Your Albuquerque NM Real Estate Agent

My name is Leanna Chavez, and I am the best realtor in Albuquerque to find your new home for you, or sell the one you want to list. I will do a thorough, honest evaluation of your property, and will sell it quickly for top dollar. If you are looking for a new home in the Albuquerque area, I have known this ancient, enchanted city my entire life, and can match your dreams to the perfect property. Call me at 505-559-4690 or send in my online contact form, and let’s get started. I am passionate about Albuquerque real estate, and I want to be your realtor for any property desires you want to fulfill.